Proyectos de investigación en curso

Transportation noise has become a major concern for residents in urban environments, giving rise to stacked legislation at various levels. Current noise reduction technologies do not seem to be sufficient to achieve the targeted reduction. Noise abatement classical procedures add additional weight. Active technologies are mainly applied to downscaled models components and have a moderate technology readiness level.

Proyectos finalizados recientemente

Broadband dissipation through Functionally-Graded Micro Perforated Metamaterials
Métodos para la determinación de la respuesta vibroacústica y la reducción del acoplo fluido-estructura de estructuras de medios de transporte

Los objetivos propuestos y alcanzados han sido:

TARGEAR-Targeting challenges of active ageing: innovative integrated strategies for the healing of agerelated hearing loss

A FP7-PEOPLE-IAPP project leaded by Dr. Isabel Varela Nieto, from the IIBm Albelrto Sols (CSIC). Our contribution to this project was related with tinnitus, an uncomfortable symptom affecting severely the quality of life to about 1-2 % of adults. Most cases of persistent tinnitus are associated with hearing loss (HL) so that a high prevalence of tinnitus in Cochlear Implant (CI) candidates can be expected.