Líneas de investigación

Las principales líneas en desarrollo son:

  • Desarrollo de plataformas lab-on-chip para separación celular y de elementos biomarca- dores en muestras de sangre y otros fluidos biológicos.
  • Aplicación de ultrasonidos de baja intensidad en tumores y phantoms de tumor y estroma para su cacterización y tratamiento en procesos cancerígenos.
Nuestras plataformas lab-on-chip para la manipulación de partículas

SU-8 layer containig the channel over a substrate to perform the mass transfer and, with it, the particle or cell separation.

Particle collection at the center of the channel at 500KHz : ICU’07 Vienna, Biotech 2006

Applications of Ultrasounds for particle manipulation

Acoustic Agglomeration in Aerosols

Particles interact under acoustic waves giving rise to acoustic agglomeration at certain hydrodynamic-acoustic conditions.

Mechanisms governing the particle interactions induced by Ultrasounds can be analyzed observing the particles during the application of the acoustic field. The particle trajectories can be reconstructed from their bright traces filmed during their approaching processes subjected to horizontal standing waves:

Numerical prediction of two attraction processes developed at f=3kHz
between a pair of 4um glass particles
a) aligned with the acoustic axis, b) from q=20º with respect to it

I. Gonzalez et al. J. Aerosol Sci. Vol. 31, No. 12, pp. 1461-1468 (2000)

A whole attraction process between two particles
during the application of an acoustic standing plane wave
during their settling-down process

Sinusoidal lateral displacements of the particles during their attraction process before their collision

I. González et al. / Aerosol Science 34 (2003) 1611–1631
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