Cryptanalytic Techniques for Sequence Generators with Cryptographic Application

Bin LI

Alumno de postgrado de la Hong-Kong University of Science and Technology en estancia de Prácticas en ITEFI. Programa HKUST Master Student at CSIC

Instituto de Tecnologías Físicas y de la Información Leonardo Torres Quevedo
Día: 16 de diciembre de 2016, Hora: 12:00,  Aula 3
C/ Serrano 144, 28006-Madrid.


This research mainly elaborates the feasibility and the efficiency about a cipher sequence being analyzed and attacked by algorithms implemented in software. A variety of sequence generators are introduced, including their characteristics, period and linear complexity. Keystream sequences generated by shrinking generators are emphasized in terms of the attack techniques. Some numerical results of recovering the shrunken sequences generated by shrinking generators over different degrees will be demonstrated and explained in detail. All the experiments and simulations are conducted on one laptop and one computer. So it is possible that the results could be slightly different under other circumstance.

Keywords: Keystream Sequence, Zech Logarithm, Cryptanalysis, Numerical Results