Implementation of the Passive Keyless Entry System Hitag2

Jingyi (Miko) ZHANG

Alumna de postgrado la Hong-Kong University of Science and Technology en estancia de Prácticas en ITEFI. Programa HKUST Master Student at CSIC

Instituto de Tecnologías Físicas y de la Información Leonardo Torres Quevedo
Día: 16 de diciembre de 2016, Hora: 12:30,  Aula 3
C/ Serrano 144, 28006-Madrid

Hitag2 is an encryption algorithm designed by NXP Semiconductors that is used in electronic vehicle immobilizers and anti-theft devices. Hitag2 uses 48-bit keys for authentication and confidentiality. I realize the algorithm by C++ and CUDA and present a comparison of low cost technologies able to break this cipher in a reasonable amount of time. Building on top of these solutions, it is possible to create an environment able to break Hitag2 keys in almost negligible time.

Keywords: Cryptography, CUDA, C++, Hitag2, Java, OpenMP, Stream Cipher