Chemiresistive sensors based on electrospun tin oxide nanofibers for detecting NO2 at the sub-0.1 ppm level

S. Masa, E. Hontañón, J. P. Santos, I. Sayago and J. Lozano
2019 5th Experiment International Conference ('19), Funchal (Madeira Island), Portugal, 2019, pp. 310-314

In this work, chemiresistive devices based on electrospun nanofibers of tin oxide are developed and their performance for detecting low levels of nitrogen dioxide in air is assessed. The influence on the sensor detection properties of the operation temperature, the load of tin oxide nanofibers and the presence of graphene in the active layer is investigated. It is found that tin oxide nanofibers are highly sensitive towards nitrogen dioxide and the optimal operation temperature lies in the range of 150-200oC, while the addition of graphene leads to improved sensitivity at temperatures below 100°C.