Inkjet Printed Graphene-Based Nanosensors for the Detection of Nitrogen Dioxide

F. Villani, F. Loffredo, J. P. Santos, I. Sayago, M. Aleixandre, M. L. Miglietta, B. Alfano, T. Polichetti
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 629, pp. 431-436

Nanotechnology has driven the research toward new advanced materials and innovative fabrication methods in different fields including sensing applications. In this framework, chemical graphene-based nanodevices have been developed and characterized for NO2 detection at low concentrations. The chemiresistors have been manufactured by the digital printing technique inkjet, one of the most attractive deposition methods for miniaturized systems. Graphene, in form of hydro-alcoholic solution (water-isopropanol mixture), has been formulated through Liquid Phase Exfoliation method and used as sensing material-based ink. The devices’ response to sub-ppm NO2 concentrations has been measured at different temperatures, from RT up to 200 ℃. The electrical characterization of the sensors has highlighted that there is an increase of the response as the NO2 concentration and the heating temperature increase.