Tin Dioxide-Graphene Based Chemi-Device for NO2 Detection in the Sub ppm Range

J. P. Santos , T. Polichetti, M. Aleixandre, E. Hontañón, I. Sayago, B. Alfano, M. L. Miglietta and G. Di Francia
Vol. 1 Eurosensors 2017, Proceedings 2017, 1(4), 442

Chemical nanodevices based on tin dioxide, graphene and a mixture of both materials were developed and characterized for NO2 detection at low concentrations. The chemiresistors were prepared by both electrospinning and drop casting. The films morphologies were investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The devices response to sub-ppm NO2 concentrations was measured from room temperature up to 300 °C. An improvement in the performance in terms of sensitivity and response time, as well as higher responses at room temperature, was obtained when a mixture of these materials is used.