Combined US and UWB-RF imaging of concrete structures for identification and location of embedded materials

J.L. Blanco-Murillo, D. Lluveras, V. Yagüe Jiménez, J.J. Anaya, F.J. Casajús-Quirós, M.A.G. Izquierdo, J.M. Menéndez, M. G. Hernández, A. Herrera
Construction and Building Materials 152 (2017) 693-701

We describe how two different techniques: ultrasonic and ultrawide-band radio frequency inspections, can be used and combined to detect embedded structures in concrete. Joint analysis shall overcome limitations of the individual technologies, while providing further information on specimens. In this case, ultrasonic inspection achieves good spatial resolution, while radio-frequency analysis provides information on composition – i.e., material. The proposed techniques were tested on a concrete probe, with embedded reinforcement bars. Images resulting from multisensory fusion provided relevant information regarding the presence, location and material of the bars; and are well suited for in-site inspection, under real ambient conditions.