Cryptography and Information Security services

  • Analysis and consulting on the security of cryptographic systems (symmetric, asymmetric, chaotic, etc.), implemented in various devices (computers, smart cards, etc.).
  • Specialized training on information systems and encryption (symmetric and asymmetric), cryptanalysis, electronic signatures, digital certificates, hash functions, (pseudo)random number generators and general security protocols.
  • Design and implementation of random and pseudorandom number generators for using in encryption systems and protocols. Analysis of the security and (pseudo)randomness of random and (pseudo)random number generators.
  • Design and development of cryptographic tools and cryptosystems (with symmetric and asymmetric keys) to guarantee the Confidentiality, Authenticity and Integrity of the Information.
  • Study and analysis of the security and the viability of electronic signature systems, including group, blind, proxy, multiple signatures, etc.
Condiciones del servicio:

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