Improving structural diagnosis of architectural heritage using tomographic imaging with deep learning and advanced 3D modelling

Ayudas para contratos predoctorales para la formación de doctores (antiguas FPI)
Inspection and diagnosis of historical structures

The PhD work will be carried out in the field of conservation of cultural heritage, focusing on advancing the state of the art in the field of acoustic tomography inspection of heritage structures. The work involves aspects such as the modelling of wave propagation through historic materials (e.g., masonry or earth), application of Deep Learning algorithms for the tomographic reconstruction of the interior of heritage structures, and/or the integration of non-destructive testing (NDT) data (tomographic imaging) into digital models to enhance interpretation of diagnostic data, as well as to contribute to the dissemination of the architectural heritage (i.e., documentation strategies for architectural heritage that include the integration and visualization of NDT data). The researcher will integrate a dynamic research group involved in several national and international research projects. The PhD work is aligned with the MeDeAH research project: Application of Mechatronics and Deep learning for tomographic imaging of the Architectural Heritage to improve structural diagnosis. Within this framework, the researcher can participate in research tasks of the project and can be involved in on-site missions that include the application of the methods developed during the PhD resarch in several case studies, such as the Alhambra of Granada. Collaboration with international research institutes is ongoing and are available for the candidate to do research stays.

Referencia: 2023