3D Reconstruction of Carmo Convent. Historical Evolution and 3D Modeling

Rodrigo Martín
Booklet Heritage Within, páginas 29-42

One of Heritage Within (HWITHIN) European Research Project main goals has been obtaining a complete 3D reconstruction model of the original Carmo Convent, which currently stands as the Archeological Museum of Carmo to be later implemented into an augmented reality application.

First of all, we have to address the first and most troublesome issue during the whole project, which has been the global pandemic that severely affected the expected schedule. That being said, we would like to stress all the effort and dedication the whole team has done, as well as the support from the Carmo Archeological Museum staff and the Association of Portuguese Archeologists members during the experimental campaigns held during last year.

Since the photogrammetric model2 of the convent could not be performed as planned in March 2020, the whole process needed to start from a different point. Luckily, the Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions (SAHC) from University do Minho already had a previous photogrammetry made in 2018, which became the main source of information to start the reconstruction process. Once again, we would like to thank both the university and all the students who worked in that model for their contribution to the Heritage Within European Research Project.


Render model of the western façade showcasing the ideal convent after its foundation