A Comprehensive Security Framework Proposal to Contribute to Sustainability

J. Espinosa García, L. Hernández Encinas and A. Peinado Domínguez
Sustainability 13, 6901 (2021), 1--23 (Q2, Environmental Sciences, Sustainable Science & Technology, F.I. 2.576)

Well-known international security frameworks try to eliminate or mitigate different kinds of risks on the assets covered by their scopes (e.g., people, goods, information, and reputation). To date, to the best of our knowledge, any of these approaches neither provide a comprehensive perspective on security (considered as the merge of physical and logical security) nor consider sustainability as one of the levers for their design, implementation, and execution. This work presents a comprehensive security proposal through a framework that fits to the organizational security needs and contributes to the achievement of the sustainability objectives of an organization by avoiding duplicities and large security gaps from disjointed approaches. The work is supported by a methodology, which is the result of the wide and long work experience of the co-authors on security over the years in different organizations, businesses, and scopes. As it is shown in the theoretical exemplification included in the paper, the proposed framework combines the complementary and joint action of various actors for the protection of assets capable of achieving efforts and dedication efficiency, by merging the aspects of physical and logical security.


Department of Information and Communication Technologies (TIC) at Institute of Physical and Information Technologies (ITEFI), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).