A CYTED Network: New Non-invasive Ways for an Early Diagnosis of Chronic and Degenerative Diseases: Diabetes and Cardiovascular

Antonio Ramos, Lorenzo Leija, Carlos Negreira, Eduardo Moreno, M. G. Ruano, Wagner Coelho et al.
Chapter in Book “Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing - MEDICON”. (IFMBE, vol. 76), Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020(pp. 1499-1505)

In this work, an analysis of the principal characteristics, scientific aims and some initial results, of the Iberoamerican R&D network “Ditecrod” (Project of CYTED) is made. This network is based on an international agreement to propitiate an efficient trans-disciplinary cooperation in a scientific area where currently significant research efforts are being made for their high potential impact on future health and quality of life: The non-invasive Early medical diagnosis of Cardiovascular and Diabetic Foot diseases. Both chronic & degenerative pathologies are endemic today in many American countries. The main project objectives are the research, application and diffusion of new non-invasive diagnostic methods, having a low technologic cost and an easy portability, in relation to nowadays disposable approaches. The main results (in the first year of operation) of this multinational network are described.


We appreciate very much the funding for the development of this work from: Projects: CONACYT-Salud 2013-I-201590; R&D Spanish National Plan Retos-DPI2017-90147-R; European doctoral project EraNet-EMHE 200022, Bilateral Cooperation Project CSIC-COOPB20166; and the Iberoamerican Network CYTED-DITECROD-218RT0545. And also, to all the different Group and Centers.