Development of modified nanocrystalline cellulose based bioinks

Clara M García Sáez, María Arevalo, Itciar González, Francisco J Parra Ruiz, Luis M Rodríguez-Lorenzo
ESB2022, 32nd Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials. Book of Abstracts-Posters

Cancer modeling has been of special interest since it paves the way for easing and modulating preclinical research model conditions. 3D modeling of equivalent tumor environments is required for the development of new therapies [1].

3D bioprinting is one of the most promising approaches to create in vitro 3D biomimetic models with relevant physiological characteristics for cancer research, however one of the main limitations of bioprinting is the lack of a consensus in the optimal conditions to be used for each specific application [2]. The development of tumor specific bioinks is one of the mayor challenges for the bioprinting of cancer models.

The objective of this project is the preparation and selection of the suitable components for preparing PANC-1 laden bioinks.

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