DocumeNDT stone masonry walls geometry: Photogrammetric models dataset

Javier Ortega; Marnix F.L. Meersman; Sofía Aparicio; Juan Carlos Liébana; Rodrigo Martín; José Javier Anaya; Margarita González
(1.0) [Data set]. Zenodo.

This repository contains detailed geometric data from six stone masonry walls constructed for an experimental campaign carried out at the laboratory of the Institute for Physical and Information Technologies (ITEFI), from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

The data set is structured in 2 levels of folders:

  • At first level, the 6 folders correspond to the 6 tested stone masonry walls (Wall 1-6).
  • At second level, for each wall, there are two folders. The first folder contains the photogrammetric model of each wall, e.g., "W1", and a photograph showing the wall. The second folders contains individual photogrammetric models of each stone composing the walls and their exact location within the walls, e.g., "Stone 101".

The global coordinates of the general photogrammetry of the wall and the individual photogrammetries of the stones are the same. They can be imported in any viewer and will be correctly located.

The geometric data is presented in .obj files that can be imported in any 3D modeling software.

Related publication: Ortega J, Meersman MFL, Aparicio S, Liébana JC, Martin R, Anaya JJ, Gonzalez M. An automated sonic tomography system for the inspection of historical masonry walls (2023).