DocumeNDT stone masonry walls tomographic inspection dataset

Ortega, Javier, Meersman, Marnix F.L., Aparicio, Sofía, Liébana, Juan Carlos, Martín, Rodrigo, Anaya, José Javier, González, Margarita
(1.0) [Data set]. Zenodo.

This repository contains data from the sonic tomography inspections of six stone masonry walls constructed for an experimental campaign carried out at the laboratory of the Institute for Physical and Information Technologies (ITEFI), from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

The data set is structured in 2 levels of folders:

  • At first level, the 6 folders correspond to the 6 tested stone masonry walls (Wall 1-6).
  • At second level, for each wall, there are three folders:
    •  The folder 'Coordinates' contains: (1) the coordinates of the emission and reception points; (2) diagrams of the emission and reception locations in elevation; and (3) readme file with specific details about the inspection, e.g., number of emission and reception points
    • The folder 'Emission raw signal' contains the recorded emission signal for each emission location
    • The folder 'Reception raw signal' contains the recorded reception signal for each emission location

Sonic data are presented in .csv files, structured in columns. Each column correspond to a reception location. The values correspond to the voltage recorded. 

The frequency of acquisition is 256000 samples/s.

Related publication: Ortega J, Meersman MFL, Aparicio S, Liébana JC, Martin R, Anaya JJ, Gonzalez M. An automated sonic tomography system for the inspection of historical masonry walls (2023).