Intelligent and sustainable electronic devices and systems

R. Aguado, L. Fonseca, M. Gich, A. González, G. Herranz, C. Horrillo, R. Jiménez, B. Linares, B. Martínez, M. Mas, R. Molina, A. Nogales, A. Palau, E. Ramon, G. Rius, I. Sayago, T. Stauber, J. M. de Teresa. Coordinator: Joan Bausells, Adjunct Coordinator: Óscar Martínez Graullera
CSIC Scientific Challenges: towards 2030, vol. 10, Digital & complex information, Challenge 1. Editorial CSIC, 2021

This section is centered on the research actions addressed to increase efficiency in computation, to achieve low energy consumption, to reduce electronic material waste and to be less harmful to the environment. In order to achieve these objectives, the projected research strategies are addressed to combine disruptive technology with ground-breaking design innovations in devices and systems.