Liquid characterization by means of Love-wave device combined with microfluidic platform

D. Matatagui, M.J. Fernández, J.L. Fontecha, J.P Santos, I. Sayago, M.C. Horrillo, I. Gracià, C. Cané
Electron Devices (CDE), 2015 10th Spanish Conference on Electron Devices 2015 ISBN: 978-147998108-3,, pp 1-3

The aim of this work has been to develop a system with the ability to detect quickly and precisely changes in the viscosity and/or density of the liquids. For this purpose, a Love-wave device has been combined with microfluidic platform in order to work in continuous flow mode and with very small sample amounts. Different density and viscosity samples were obtained by means of glycerol-water solutions, which is a well-known lubricant. The samples were characterized by the sensor system in continuous flow and in real time, showing a fast response and a high accuracy.

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