Love wave toluene sensor based on multi-guiding layers

D. Matatagui; M.J. Fernández; J.L. Fontecha; J.P. Santos; I. Sayago; M.C. Horrillo; I. Gràcia; J. Lozano
Electron Devices (CDE), 2017 Spanish Conference on, IEEE, 1-3,

A novel Love-wave sensor based on multi-guiding layers, SiO2 layer and indium tin oxide (ITO) nanoparticle layer, was developed. The ITO nanoparticles worked as guiding and sensitive layers at the same time. The interaction between ITO nanoparticles and toluene molecules produced changes in elastic properties of nanoparticles and consequently the sensor suffered a proportional frequency shift for each toluene concentration. The Love wave multi-guiding layer sensor detected concentrations as low as 1 ppm of toluene.