New methods for diagnostic tools and prevention

F. J. Albiol, C. Briones, J. Camacho, M. Carrión, L. Elvira, R. Eritja, C. Fernández, M. de Frutos, M. García Hernández, G. García Gomez-Tejedor, R. García, A. J. González, F. Herranz, M. C. Horrillo, G. Llosá, J. A. Martín, E. Nacher, A. de la Puerta, M. Sáiz, Y. Sanz, F. Sobrino, R. Villa. Coordinators: S. Marcos y A. de Castro
CSIC Scientific Challenges: towards 2030, vol. 4, Challenges in Biomedicine & Health, Challenge 8. Editorial CSIC, 2021

New Methods for diagnostic tools and prevention is a wide and active area comprising groups across physics, chemistry, engineering and biomedicine. The area encompasses novel imaging techniques ( optical, ultrasound, atomic force microscopy-based, and molecular imaging ) and biosensing ( chemical, biological, including microfluidic-based devices and biocompatible, biodegradable sensors ). Biomarkers and physical and functional properties ( at the cell, tissue and organ level ) are used to guide personalized treatment and formulate preventive health measures. The groups of CSIC have contributed to results ranging from basic science to clinical translation and industry transfer.