Synthesis and characterization of SnO2 nanowires grown by CVD for application as gas sensors

I. Sayago, M. J. Fernández, J. L. Fontecha, M. C. Horrillo and J.P. Santos
Electron Devices (CDE), 2015 10th Spanish Conference on Electron Devices 2015 ISBN: 978-147998108-3,, pp 1-4

Nanowires (NWs) of tin oxide have been synthesized by chemical vapor deposition method (CVD) using Au as catalyst. The nanostructures were characterized with different analysis techniques (SEM, XRD and XPS) to study the effect of preparation conditions in the nanowire growth. The growth mechanisms of the nanowires were also discussed. NWs sensitive layers were tested as resistive sensors to acetone detection.

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