Use of an electronic nose as a tool to differentiate winemaking techniques

M. Aleixandre, J.P. Santos, I. Sayago, M.C. Horillo, J.M. Cabellos and T. Arroyo
Electron Devices (CDE), 2015 10th Spanish Conference on Electron Devices 2015 ISBN: 978-147998108-3,, pp 1-4

This paper reports a novel application of a portable and wireless sensor system (e-nose) to differentiate, through recognition and detection of different white grape variety types, different winemaking techniques. The system is also tested to differentiate the different grape varieties in each winemaking technique combination. The analysis has been done with principal component analysis and artificial neural networks. This portable system is a fast tool that can differentiate between elaboration methods: conventional or cold maceration. In addition both methods have been treated with yeasts on lees, “lees”, and finally they have been compared with those ones without yeasts, “no lees”.

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