Cryptographic Protocols in Advanced Metering Infrastructures in Smart Grids

Hernández-Álvarez, L., Bullón Pérez, J.J., Queiruga-Dios, A.
15th International Conference on Computational Intelligence Security for Information Systems (CISIS) 2022.
Del 5 al 7 de septiembre de 2022, Santander, España.

Smart grids arose from the necessity to define a smart power supply network that provides uninterrupted energy supply to homes and businesses. Renewable energy sources, distributed generation, and distribution are essential features of these networks. Metering systems in smart grids are intelligent electronic devices that measure consumers’ energy usage, and send and receive data via two-way communication. With the advent of the Internet of things and industry 4.0 security is vitally important in the exchange of sensible and confidential information. This paper analyzes the security threats in advanced metering infrastructures and presents some cryptographic protocols that guarantee system security.

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