Advancing in cybersecurity technologies

In current digitalized socities, cybersecurity is crucial to protect and preserve the growing social and economic benefits of Information Communication Technology (ICT) systems. The rapid implantation and proliferation of these systems, as well as, society’s overwhelming reliance on them has exposed its fragility and vulnerabilities against attacks. New solutions of cyber-defense require multidisciplinary research groups that analyze hardware, software, networks and data security, not as isolated elements, but taking into account that they interrelate with each other, and therefore, trusted chains must be provided for the entire system.

The main objective is to develop, deploy and integrate novel cybersecurity technologies that ensure the integrity, resilience and reliability of ICT systems. To achieve this goal, the consortium integrates three complementary research teams specialized in network and software security (University of Tampere, Finland), system security (University of Michigan, USA), and cryptography and hardware security (CSIC). This project encourages the collaboration by means of the participation in seminars that promote the exchange of ideas, medium-term stays of researchers to validate the proposed techniques, and the definition of a strategic plan to hold this collaboration over time submitting project proposals to international competitive calls.

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