Blockchain in Education. New challenges

Wilson Rojas, Víctor Gayoso Martínez y Araceli Queiruga Dios
Herrero Á., Cambra C., Urda D., Sedano J., Quintián H., Corchado E. (eds) 13th International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems (CISIS 2020). Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 1267. Springer, Charm.

Blockchain technology is one of the greatest innovations of the last decade as it allows new possibilities for the development of projects in fields such as services, industry, arts, economy, and logistics, among others. In the area of education, blockchain technology is still in its early stages. A large part of existing implementations focus on certificate management, leaving aside other scenarios. This document explores some possible applications of blockchain technology to the field of education, analyzing not only the benefits that blockchain could bring but also its risks and challenges. Through the review of the most interesting experiences completed so far, conclusions and predictions about the paths where this technology can take us are offered to the reader.



This research work has been carried out within the Informatics Engineering PhD program of the University of Salamanca. Víctor Gayoso Martínez would like to thank CSIC Project CASP2/201850E114 for its support.