Cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things

J. Villagra, A. Jimenez. J. Godoy, A. Baldi, J. Margarit, L. Fonseca, T. Gomez, J. Camacho, S. Aparicio, R. Carmona, J. Fernández, R. del Río, J. A. Jiménez-Berni, C. Capdevila. Coordinator: Rodolfo Haber, Adjunct Coordinator: Gabriela Cembrano
CSIC Scientific Challenges: towards 2030, vol. 10, Digital & complex information, Challenge 4. Editorial CSIC, 2021

Cyber-Physical Systems ( CPS ) and Internet of Things ( IoT ) are complementary paradigms in digitalization. Sensors and actuators, hardware designs and development platforms, architectures and computational frameworks, modeling, control and optimization, and potential applications are analyzed and presented from impact and main challenges up to strategic plan.