Optimization of Y3Fe5O12 based layered structures for quasi-optic spin wave elements

José R. Fragoso-Mora, Oleg Kolokoltsev, Cesar L. Ordoñez-Romero, Naser Qureshi, Olexander E. Martynyuk, María del Carmen Horrillo, Daniel Matatagui
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 564, Part 2, 2022, 170149,

We present theoretical and experimental results on the losses and confinement of spin waves (SW) in a Ferromagnetic/Normal Metal/Air/Ferrite multilayer structure. The above structure can be used for the creation of a desired topology of static magnetic field in a thin ferrite film, used as SW waveguide. It is shown that a screening Normal Metal (NMe) layer, inserted between SW waveguide and ferromagnetic (FM) layer, significantly decreases the SW losses caused by a lossy FM. It is also shown that the SW amplitude increases within the air gap (d) between a Ferrite film and NMe layer, when the gap satisfies the relation kd = 1, where k is SW wavenumber. The power flow density at Ferrite/Air interface is maximal when d is equal to a quarter wavelength of SW.



This research was funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (Spain) through project number RTI2018-095856-B-C22, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México through the projects PAPIIT grant number AG100521 and IG100521, and CONACyT grant number A1-S-22695. D.M. acknowledges the financial support from the Fundación General CSIC via Programa ComFuturo. J.F. acknowledges the scholarship from CONACyT.