Quantitative Analysis of Wine Mixtures Using an Electronic Olfactory System

Aleixandre, Manuel; Montero, Enrique; Arroyo, Teresa; Cabellos, Juan Mariano; Horrillo, M. C.
Proceedings 2017, 1(4), 450

An electronic nose has been used for the quantification of wines formed by binary mixtures of two white wine varieties and of two red wine varieties. The wines were elaborated at the Instituto Madrileño de Investigación y Desarrollo Rural (IMIDRA) by the traditional method using commercial and autochthonous Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts. It is important to note that this technology is faster, simpler and objective than the sensing analysis (human panel). In addition the measurements can be realized in situ and on line. The measurements of the wine mixtures have been analyzed by Partial Least Squares and Artificial Neuronal Networks.


This work has been supported by the Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria (INIA) of the Economía y Competitividad Ministry, under the project RTA2011-00095- C02-02.