Trust and security in the digital information

Iluminada Baturone Castillo, Verónica Fernández Mármol, Agustín Martín Muñoz, Santiago Sánchez Solano, Lluis Terés Terés. Coordinator: Luis Hernández Encinas, Adjunct Coordinator: Ricardo Martínez Martínez
CSIC Scientific Challenges: towards 2030, vol. 10, Digital & complex information, Challenge 5. Editorial CSIC, 2021

The popularization of Internet has meant a disruptive change in our way of life : from our social and professional activities to the mechanisms for generating and exchanging information. Despite this being generally beneficial, it has also implied an increased number of risks and threats from a security and privacy point of view. One of the great challenges of our society is the generation of trust and security in the management of digital information that we share and use daily.