Materials Characterization by Non Destructive Evaluation

The Group of Characterization of Materials by Nondestructive Evaluation, G-CARMA is a multidisciplinary group with a scientific, technological, educational and industrial transfer history. The main line of research is the characterization of materials using nondestructive evaluation techniques.
G-CARMA is constituted as a research group of the CSIC in 2008, although its research began in the Industrial Automation Institute (IAI) in 1997 with the nondestructive evaluation of cementitious materials using ultrasonic signals. The group belongs to the Department of Acoustics and Nondestructive Evaluation of the Institute of Physics Technologies and Information "Leonardo Torres Quevedo" ITEFI, CSIC.
G-CARMA has an extensive experience in the development of processing systems for NDT ultrasonic signals applied to the characterization and inspection of materials. Also, the group develop an intense scientific work in the field of digital signal processing, acoustic image generation with a special dedication to cementitious materials.