Ultrasounds for Liquid Analysis and Bioengineering

The group has a long experience on the following topics:

—Development of ultrasound systems (transducers, electronics and software).
—Elastic wave propagation in solid and liquid, homogeneous and inhomogeneous media.
—Interaction of mechanical waves with biological, microbiological and biochemical systems and processes
—Calibration of ultrasound medical devices.

These topics are applied in different fields such as biotechnology, biomedicine, food industry, aeronautical industry, material characterization and non destructive evaluation.



—Instrumentation for the measurement of mechanical parameters of materials, especially liquids and solutions.
—Biomedical instrumentation, analysis of medical images.
—Monitoring and identification of chemical and biological processes using ultrasound.
—Piezoelectric transduction: materials and transducers.



We have laboratories to develop ultrasound instrumentation including transducers, and facilities for carrying out experimentation with biological samples and microbiological cultures. This infrastructure enables the development of multidisciplinary research in the field of bioengineering.

In addition, we have the only accredited ultrasound calibration laboratory in Spain for medical devices.