Information and Communication Technologies (TIC)

The Department of Information and Communication Technologies (TIC) is devoted to the research and development of advanced techniques to guarantee the security, authenticity and integrity of the information transmitted or stored by electronic means. It has wide experience in:

  • Design and cryptanalysis of systems for text, image and voice encryption.  Several cryptosystems have been designed for the Spanish Armed Forces and the A5/2 cryptographic algorithm, used in mobile phone communications, has been broken, so as a large number of continuous and discrete chaotic cryptosystems.
  • Protocols for pseudo random number generators, digital signatures and hash functions.
  • Security of secret and public key cryptosystems (distribution of primes, discrete logarithm and elliptic curves).
  • Security in web applications and databases, propagation of malware in social networks and social engineering.
  • Implementation of a free space Quantum Key Distribution System with a world-record secure key transmission rate.