Desarrollo y validación en campo de un sistema de nanosensores de bajo consumo y bajo coste para la monitorización en tiempo real de la calidad del aire ambiente

Entidad financiadora
Programa de Cooperación Interreg V-B Europa Suroccidental (Interreg-Sudoe). SOE2/P1/E0569

NanoSen-AQM faces the challenge of monitoring ambient air pollution and reporting air quality to the public in real time and in a sustainable way. The objective is to develop an electronic system based on low cost and low consumption sensors, and to validate the system in different locations of the Sudoe territory in front of certified air pollutant analysers.

The electronic system uses gas sensors based on nanotechnology and microelectronics, automatic learning techniques to discriminate and quantify toxic gases in the air and cloud computing technologies to manage and present air quality data. Small in size, light and simple to use, the system will be easily integrated into stations, mobile units and personal devices for measuring air pollution and, therefore, suitable for use in sensor networks. These units will provide high spatial and temporal resolution data, which will allow to validate the predictive models of air quality.

The main products will be high performance nanosensors for the detection of toxic gases in the air; multi-sensor systems adaptable to a wide variety of platforms for air quality monitoring; and a system in the cloud to monitor and predict air quality and to inform and raise awareness of the air quality to the population. The project products will benefit air pollution measurement equipment manufacturers and environmental services companies with high added value, facilitating the decision making of the competent entities in the management of air quality, emission control and protection of areas affected by air pollution.

The consortium for NanoSen-AQM includes universities, R & D centers, SMEs and public administrations of Spain, France and Portugal. The transnational character of the partnership allows covering the value chain and addressing the transboundary nature of air pollution.

Entidades participantes

ITEFI (CSIC), Universidad de Extremadura (UEX), Junta de Extremadura Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Rural, Políticas Agrarias y Territorio (SOGF), Diputación de Ávila Diputación, Área Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB), Sistemes Avançats d'Energia Solar Tèrmica (SCCL AIGUASOL), Universidade de Évora (UÉvora), Universidade de Coimbra (FCTUC), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS-CIRIMAT)