Wine Applications With Electronic Noses

Jesús Lozano, José Pedro Santos, M. Carmen Horrillo
Electronic Nose and Tongue in Food Science, 137-148. Ed. Academic Press

This chapter provides a review of the most recent works in electronic noses (e-noses) used in the wine field. Focus is centered on the applications for the wine quality monitoring. It deals with the main problems users have to tackle when an electronic nose is intended to be used in the wine field. This work examines the main features of modern e-noses and their most important applications in the enology field. The main components of an e-nose: sample handling system, methods for sensing, and data processing systems are described. Finally, some interesting remarks concerning the strengths and weaknesses of e-noses in the different applications are also mentioned. References show a huge quantity and diversity of experiments made by scientists and researchers using e-nose technology for wine applications. In addition, it provides a critical outlook on the developments needed in this field for transitioning from research platforms to industrial instruments applied in real contexts.

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