New rules for assessing Mathematical Competencies (Rules_Math)

Programa Erasmus+. 2017-1-ESO1-KA203-038491
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Investigador responsable: A. Queiruga Dios (Universidad de Salamanca).

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Programa Erasmus+. 2017-1-ESO1-KA203-038491

rules-math logo The basic idea of the New Rules for assessing Mathematical Competencies (RULES_MATH) project is to develop assessment standards for a competencies- based teaching-learning system for mathematics in engineering education, operating on a transnational level. The goals for this project are summarize in these three: To develop a collaborative, comprehensive and accessible competencies- based assessment model for mathematics in engineering degrees; to elaborate and collect the resources and materials needed to devise competencies- based assessment courses; and to disseminate the proposed model to European HEIs through the partner networks and all over Europe. The main result of this project is to change the educational paradigm and the get a common European teaching and learning system based on competencies rather than contents.



Entidades participantes

Universidad de Salamanca (España), CSIC (España), University of Plovdiv  “Paisii Hilendarski” (Bulgaria), Gazi University (Turquía), Czech Technical University (República Checa), Slovak University of Technology (Eslovaquia), Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (Portugal), Dublin Institute of Technology (Irlanda), Technical University of Civil Engineering (Rumanía)